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Business Owner Insurance (BOP)

Business Owner Insurance (BOP)

Owning a small business comes with a lot of unique risks and responsibilities, which is why business owners depend upon specific risk-mitigating tools to address those issues. A business owner's policy is a bundle of insurance policies that usually includes a few kinds of insurance that are specifically relevant to small business owners.

The types of insurance included in the bundle can vary, as they should! Even among small businesses, there are a variety of risks, needs, responsibilities, and insurance needs. Generally, a business owner's policy includes property insurance and liability coverage for businesses that are eligible for the package.

At Advanced Insurance Solutions, we provide comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP) insurance to many businesses in Illinois. A BOP combines all different coverages into one policy to protect your small to medium-size business assets.

We can tailor a package to fit the needs of your industry. Many industries have specialized packages for their business owners policies. At Advanced Insurance Solutions, we can evaluate the needs of your industry and give a customized option that covers your needs and is specific to your industry.

Business Owners Policies include:

• Property coverage - protecting your building and contents that are owned by the company.

• Liability protection - covering the company's products or operations that may result in the damage or injury to another.

• Business Interruption - this protects your company from fire or other accident that may result in loss of income or operation of the company.

• Other coverages - may include equipment breakdown, crime, liability, signage.

Keep in mind also that you need separate coverage for your commercial auto's and workers compensation. Let one of our business owners policies specialists find the right coverage for you today. Contact us to find out more about Business Owners policies in Illinois.

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