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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

There is nothing more enjoyable or relaxing than hitting the open waters in your boat. Between the wind in your hair, the blue skies up above, and the rippling waves, boating provide an experience like nothing else. While most days on the water are perfect, mishaps occur from time to time. Don't let an accident destroy your enjoyment of the water. The right boat insurance policy will protect you, your boat, and your finances. Get a boat insurance quote today, so you can have peace of mind, regardless of what you encounter on the open water.

What Does Boat Coverage Includes?

Boat insurance policies are similar to and diverge from auto insurance policies at some points. The commonalities and differences are evident in watercraft policies' coverages.

Some of the coverages that auto insurance policies usually offer, and Boat policies may also make available include:

• Medical Payments Coverage, which often covers injuries to passengers

• Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which often covers injuries to people outside a boat

• Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, which often covers damage to a boat

• Property Damage Liability Coverage, which often covers damage to others' property

Some coverages that are specific to watercraft policies include:

• Coverage for on-boat tackle and gear

• Coverage for on-boat safety equipment

• Coverage for on-water towing

• Coverage for recovering a sunken boat

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